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Make Up Classes

ECMA holds make-up classes 4 times per cycle. Two times at our Annapolis Studio and two times at our Edgewater Studio.

Make Up classes are free to attend for any current student.  The only requirement is students must register in advance. Make up class are free of charge. Please note if you register and don’t show up, there will be a $5.00 No Show Fee. We base the instructors on the number of student that sign up so it’s important to have an accurate count. On the other hand, if you show up and didn’t register, you will not be able to access class. We allow a one time grace period, but after that students will not be able to attend.


To schedule a private lesson, go to member support on this website and select Request Private Lesson. Click here to schedule.

How do I quality for Testing

Testing for each belt requires students to 1) Attend a specific number of classes during a 3 month cycle, 2) Learn the information taught, 3) Be able to demonstrate the level of proficiency for that particular level, and 4) Demonstrate the positive behavior and attitude for their level. 

To see requirements and register for testing, navigate to the curriculum page and select your group.

What are the National Holidays that ECMA is closed for classes.

New Years Eve and New Years Day

July 4th (Independence Day)

Labor Day


Memorial Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

More to come…… check back periodically.

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