Welcome to ECMA Member Support. Below you will find links to the most common questions. If you have something you would like us to add, feel free to let MasterTommy know by emailing [email protected].
We are here to serve you so please let us know how we can help. Scroll down to access information.

Guest Passes
Referring a Friend or Family Member:

Wow, the biggest compliment you can give ECMA is to refer a friend or family member to our program. We are happy to issue a Free Trial Program Pass to your friend or family member. 

Request Guest Pass

Make Up Classes:

Register today for the next Make Up Class. Click below and let us know your coming. You must register by Thursday Night for the Saturday Make Up Class.

Register for Make Up Class

Private Lessons:

Private Lessons are the best way to quickly help you with your curriculum. We look forward to working with you. If you would like to request a private lesson, please click below and fill out the request form.

Request Private Lesson

Class or School Change Request:

Sometime you may need to change your class day and or time. You may even ned to change school locations for some reason. Whatever it may be, e totally understand things happen and would be happy to help you. Please click below and let us know you need a class change and we will get back with you.

Request Class or School Change

Membership Hold or Freeze Request:

If you need to put a hold on your training due to a long vacation, injury, medical reason and or any other reason that you will need to miss 30 days in a row or more, please click here. We will be sad to see you pause your training, but we are happy to help you in anyway we can. Click below for more details.

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Self Defense: Onsite and Off Sight Availability.
Women Self Defense, Stranger Danger, Child Safety Workshops, Bullying Programs and College Bound Teen Courses.

Let us know if your interested in any of the above programs. We offer onsite training, off-site training. We teach individuals, groups and classes. Click below for more information.

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School Talks, Day Care Talks, Church Talks and more….

Let Master Tommy and the ECMA Staff speak at your next event. We do an arrangement of talks including but not limited to… Safety, Self Defense, Bullying, Women Empowered and College Bound Teen Safety Talks and Workshops. Master Tommy and the ECMA Staff make it practical, fun and entertaining.

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ECMA Demonstration Team:

Let our ECMA Demonstration Team perform at your event. Our kids would be excited to put on a performance that will entertain the crowd at your event. We have demonstrations that we can perform in increments of 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes. Click below to find out more.

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Billing or Membership Information Request:

If you are moving, need an adjustment on your billing or membership agreement such as a payment date change, payment method change or any other detail regarding your membership, please click below.

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