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Updated Schedule: September 2020

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Have you received your scheduled class yet?

Everyone must register and receive a class time to attend classes. Students may not just arrive and go to class, we must assign you a class due to CDC and county restrictions on how many student can be in one class. ECMA respects and honors these guidelines.

To register email [email protected]. If you have to leave a message or send an email, be sure to state belt rank and which studio you will be training.  Ms. Terri is scheduling Edgewater Times and Master Tommy, Mr. Zach and Ms. Katie Annapolis Classes.

Paperwork to be completed before arriving to your first class

ECMA Family Consent Form

We have created a family consent form to be sure that any and all prospects and members understand what it means to attend a public organized activity during this pandemic. We have taken our safety protocol and cleaning procedures way past the CDC guidelines to keep our Staff, members and guests safe. The consent form will need to be signed prior to arriving for your 1st class at ECMA.  Click Here to download form.

Check In and Check Out Guidelines

ECMA has adopted strict guidelines for our check in and check out process.  In order to follow the CDC, State and County regulations we modified some of our guidelines, procedures and protocol. 

To attend classes, we need both the parents and the students to understand the process so it goes smooth. Please click here to download the document.

Sincerely, Master Tommy

Check in and Check out guidelines: Sept 2020 Update

ECMA Assumption of Risk and Liability Waiver

This section was written for everyone to be aware of how Martial Arts, like any sport can have mild to severe consequences when participating. We acknowledge all the things that may happen so you are aware. We ask that you confirm you read it and affirm you understand. If you have any questions, please direct them directly to me. 

To download the release indemnification and assumption of Risk document for June 27 212am 2020 to download and sign before your first class. Click Here

Checking websites for updates

Be sure to check the website for any new information before heading to class. . This is will let you know if we are closing due to inclement weather or open.

Welcome to ECMAWe are glad you are training
Due to cdc guidelines and Ecma safety protocol
anyone entering ecma must abide by below guidelines

paperwork to be completed before entering an ecma facility

Due to the State, County and CDC guidelines ECMA has set new procedures and protocols in place to conform with the new requirements.

In addition, ECMA has gone a few steps further to make sure staff, members and guests are safe.

1) Ecma Student & Family Consent form: Click Here

2) Check-In / Drop Off acknowledgement form. Click Here

3) Assumption of Risk Waiver Form. Click Here

We are trying to get these documents online so there is less paperwork for our staff to handle to reduce exposure.

Thank you for understanding.

please complete before leaving home on your way to class.

We recommend families check their child’s temperature and the temperature of the person bringing them to class. We cannot admit anyone into ECMA with a temperature of 100.4 or higher due to CDC guidelines.

1) Please be sure that you bring a water bottle to class. The water fountain will be turned off for safety measures.

2) If you have a younger child, please be sure he/she uses the restroom before coming to class. We want to limit traffic going through the school and to the restroom to lessen exposure.

3) Out of respect for others, we ask that you wear a clean uniform to ECMA when coming to class and sanitize your hands before entering the building.

When will classes officially start?

Classes officially started in Annapolis on Friday June 26th, 2020.

Classes officially started in Edgewater on Monday Sept. 1st, 2020

Why did we need to select new class times?

Selecting a class time allows the student secure a specific day and time and lock it in for the current cycle. Each cycle students much elect to keep their current schedule or transfer to another time. We only allow 9 – 12 students in each class so being timely will allow you more choices.

Why are there new guidelines and limited class sizes?

There are new guidelines and limited class sized due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We want our students, staff and guests to have a safe place to train. Everyone has different beliefs and values and we will respect them all. Please be sure to abide by the guidelines. The guidelines are located above this section.

Phase 2: Why was Annapolis open in June and Edgewater not until September 1st?

Why was the Annapolis Studio the only one open initially, why not Edgewater? This is a great question. There are 3 basic reasons. 1) Staffing: Due to the guidelines set forth by the CDC and the strict protocols ECMA is requiring, it will take the entire ECMA staff to teach 1/3 of our students. We felt this may take the staff and students about 1-2 weeks to adjust and get in a rhythm. 2) Training: The first week we needed to make sure all staff and students are following procedures and protocols. This was our 1st time to adjust and pivot to this new way of running ECMA due to the pandemic. We wanted to be sure what we offered worked and the structure was good before opening both studios.  3) Compliance: Making sure all the students followed the rules and guidelines to ensure that safety stayed in play as well as the class structure and enjoyment of classes.  We knew everyone was also new to this, including ECMA. We wanted our 1st week to be as smooth as possible. It took a full staff and volunteers to pull this off due to the outside training and check in procedures. 4) Class structure: We wanted to be sure the class structure, instructors and curriculum was working as planned.    UPDATE: It was a success. now you can open next dropdown and read about Phase 3.

Phase 3: New Sept 2020 Schedule for Annapolis and the Re-Opening of the Edgewater Facility

Annapolis Schedule of Classes:  For Annapolis class assignments and/or changes please see Ms. Katie at the front desk. You may contact Katie at 410-268-1508 Ext 305 or by emailing her: [email protected]

Edgewater Schedule of Classes: For Edgewater class assignments and/or changes please see Ms. Terri at the Edgewater front desk. You may contact Ms. Terri at 410-268-1508 Ext 304 or by emailing her: [email protected].

How long will the Edgewater Advanced and Blackbelt Students be expected to train in Annapolis. Our plan of action is to train one more cycle in Annapolis before moving over to Edgewater. At this time, our plan is to open Edgewater with a full schedule at the end of November after Thanksgiving.

In September will ECMA still be offering Online Zoom Classes and Outdoor Classes?

Yes, we will be offering zoom classes and outdoor classes on a modified schedule. We ask only the students that MUST train outside choose to do so. We have limited space in our new outdoor location.

What if the new class schedule doesn’t fit my schedule or I need to change at a later date?

If you need our assistance with the schedule, please contact Ms. Terri for the Edgewater Studio and Ms. Katie or Mr. Zach at the Annapolis Studio.

Ms. Terri in Edgewater: 410-268-1508 ext 304 or [email protected]

Ms. Katie or Mr. Zach in Annapolis. 410-268-1508 ext 301 for Mr. Zach and ext 305 for Ms. Katie. You may email them as well.
[email protected] or [email protected]

We are here to assist you in any manner we can.

Will we be able to spar in class?

Although we are still not able to spar, Master Tommy has ordered some amazing equipment that will improve your sparring, timing and power. It’s called Fit Light and the training will be awesome. 

We currently have the equipment and are learning how to program it. If you have any experience in this type of equipment, please reach out to [email protected]

Has AAU Team practice started yet?

AAU Practice has resumed. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Are our class assignments guareenteed?

If you are assigned a set class, that is your class. If you miss class and or don’t let us know, we may re-assign your class due to limited spots. We cannot have drop-in’s at this time. Assigned classes are assigned classes.

What happens if we miss a class?

If you must miss your assigned class, you are welcome to attend the online zoom classes by clicking here.

Will we lose our spot if we go on vacation?

You will not lose your class spot if you go on vacation by letting us know prior to going. We understand, so as long as we know, you will be fine. 

What do I need to know about freezing my time or putting my membership on hold?

If you would like to put your membership on hold, click here and fill our our freeze form. Once done, the time on your membership will be on hold. Once you unfreeze your membership the time you put on hold will be added to the end of your membership. Your monthly tuition will continue. If for some reason you have a hardship, please contact Ms. Terri or Master Tommy by emailing  [email protected]

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