August 2020 Testing

Black Belt Testing


This web portal was designed to guide students testing for advanced ranks. Please take the time to review this site. You are responsible for everything on this site. Please review old material, turn in homework assignments and check back to see if there are any updates on dates, curriculum and or homework assignments. It’s your responsibility to be updated. 

Black Belt TEsting August & September 2020

Important Dates for Everyone

Pre-Testing and Blackbelt Submissions

Test Request Forms: This test request form will let us know when you plan on testing. If you plan on testing at the August/September test, Will be emailed and posted here on this web portal by 5:00 pm Friday August 7th, 2020. 

On Monday August 10th and Tuesday August 11th, ECMA will be measuring you for your new blackbelts. 

We are sizing everyone that plans on testing in August & September. We must order belts on Wednesday August for them to arrive before testing. 

If you are training online please call and schedule a time to come in to be measured for your belt. You may do it during the day when there are no classes if you like.

Indoor Pre-Test Qualification:

This week we will be looking at students to evaluate who will be ready for testing.

Next week, August 10th – 13th we will evaluate your performance and determine which Blackbelt Test you will be most qualified to attend.

Due to CDC restrictions and he hot weather outside, we have to break up this Blackbelt test into 2 or 3 tests.

We will choose the most qualified for the early test and give the other students that need more time to prepare an extra few weeks.

Please understand that this is very labor intensive for ECMA, doing multiple tests, but due to the current Covid-19 restrictions on businesses and for the safety of our staff and students, we must make this adjustment.

Thank You for your understanding.

August 13th, 2020 (Thursday)
Blackbelt Testing Applications Due
Testing fees are also due, but please read below if you need to make arrangements.

I apologize for such late notice. This site was posted a few weeks ago and I thought everyone had access.

Ms. Emily pointed out that the link wasn’t working, so I made a few adjustments and fixed it.

This has been a very tough time at ECMA balancing the outdoor, indoor, and online classes along with planning for the re-opening of Edgewater and the other things regarding operating during the COVID-19 era. Thank you for being patient.

We will have a very small test at the end of August and the another small test at the end of September. If your testing in September, your due date for application is the same, but we can give you a little more time on testing fee. Please let us know.

Endurance Day:

Date: Saturday 8/15/20
Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon
Outside Events: Wheems Whalen Park
Inside Events: Ecma Annapolis Studio
(We meet at Wheems Whalen Park in Annapolis for the outdoor events like running and then when done we will go back to the Annapolis Studio to finish all the endurance events. If it’s a nice day, we may do everything outside. If it’s hot, we will com back to the Annapolis Studio.

(More Details Instructions, address and directions will be posted by Monday 8/17/20)

  1. PLEASE Register for the class before 12:00 Noon so there is a record in our Zoom Class that you will be attending. 
  2. Please log in 15 minutes prior to the class so if you have any challenges you can let us know early. We must start on time.
  3. Please make sure that your camera is set up at least to your shoulders. If a camera is on the floor, desk or regular size table we will not see the correct angle of your kicks and it will affect the score. Please also make sure you have proper lighting and proper space.
  4. Parents and Students are responsible to put in the students First and Last Name before class starts. Instructors will not have time to do this on pre-testing week.  We will take attendance and grade on the name on the screen name.
  5. Please be sure to have a water bottle and towel next to you so you don’t have to leave the floor.
  6. Use the rest room before class. It’s a pre-test and we can’t ask others to wait if you need to be excused. Thank You. Of course if nature calls, you need to go. Please be respectful and take of this before class starts.
  7. All students are to be in full in full uniform and belt or Martial Arts pants and an ECMA black t-shirt w/ belt.

If a new uniform is needed, please email [email protected].

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Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Pre-testing video requirements

In order to get ready for testing and practice specific techniques that will be on your exam, ECMA instructors have put together a homework guide to follow to help you get ready. This guide is not only suggested, it is required. It serves 2 purposes…

1) Guide you on what to practice and give you feedback when making the video’s on what you may need to practice more of.

2) To submit to your instructors as your pre-test video. This will how your are qualified. The good thing is you only need to perform a few repetitions but you have many chances to make it perfect. We will only see your final result. That will let us know you are ready.

Please read the instructions below. Be pro-active and practice and record early, before it’s due. Good Luck. Can’t wait to see your video’s.

When you video your techniques, please be sure you do the following…

  1. Have the proper light, camera angle and stay in the picture so we can see your technique. If we cannot see it, it will be graded as incorrect.
  2. Take your time. You may re-shoot as much as you like. If it takes 1 or 100 tries, we will only see the one you submit. That is the one we will grade.

Please video your kicks in the following manner.

  1. Left foot forward facing the camera  3 Kicks
  2. Right foot forward facing the camera 3 Kicks
  3. Turn to the left or right and show me a side view 2 kicks.
    (You may choose your best side)

Please video  your form with the following in mind.

  1. Be sure you record your entire form. You must stay in the picture at all times. If you don’t have ample space, please notify Master Tommy at [email protected]
  2. Be sure your lighting and camera angle is good.
  3. Be sure to charge your recording device ahead of time. 
  4. If you need assistance shooting, uploading or needing help, we are only an email or phone call away.

Please be sure to do the following to ensure that you have the best possibility for success during the online video portion and the video submission process.

  1. Select a location where you will be shooting your videos. If it’s more than one place, practice in each place and use the recording device you will be using during the test.
  2. You will need to hear the instructions given by the instructor. If you are too far away and don’t have a bluetooth device or loudspeakers, you will not hear the instructor. You will need to test your speakers or headphones to be sure you can hear. If you have headphones or a bluetooth device, you need to be sure that they don’t fall out. 
  3. I would suggest that each candidate perform a 30 minute workout at the time the test will be done. Perform footwork, advanced combos 1-5  and a few forms. I suggest Palgwe 5, 6 & 7 and along with your testing form. Palgwe 8 for Red Seniors and the blackbelt forms for the other candidates. Once done take the time to review the videos and check for the following…
    1. Was the lighting good? Can you see yourself? This is what the instructors will see.
    2. Did you stay in the picture or did you go out of the picture. Did you get to close at times?  If you did, maybe you will need to do your form and be conscious of when you need to move back and continue the form. It may not be fluid, but that is okay. You may need to do 2 moves, slide back and the last move.  You will only know if you practice. You may turn the long way and run out of room, so if that is the case, turn the long way. Slide back and then start. You may choose to turn the long way, do 2 techniques, move back and do the last one. Whatever feel comfortable to you is fine, just be sure you don’t decide at the time of the test. You can’t look at the screen when you do your forms. If you do it will show you didn’t practice correctly for the online portion.
    3. Really look at the quality of your technique. Are your kicks chambered. Do your punches come from your chin and extend? Do you pull your hands back to cover your chin? Are your stances wide enough, deep enough, heel to the ground and knees bent at the proper angles? If not, you know what to practice. 
    4. The MAJOR thing nobody has probably thought of is SOUND. Will  you be able to hear the instructor? If you’re inside you probably can turn up the volume and hear, especially if you airplay or broadcast it to your T.V.  If you’re outside, on an iPad or cell phone, use a portable bluetooth speaker and turn it up. This way you will not need a headset.

Please do the following kicks in this manner.

  1. Left foot forward facing the camera  3 Kicks
  2. Right foot forward facing the camera 3 Kicks
  3. Turn to the left or right and show me a side view 2 kicks.
    (You may choose your best side)

Kicks to perform

2) Rear Leg Side Kick

3) Straight Back Kick

4) Spinning In/Out

5) Spin Hook Kick

6) Tornado Kick

7) 360 Spin Hook Kick

8) Double Round Kick

Additional Kicks for Blackbelts:
(These kicks are performed with the same leg)

9) Hook Round Side 

10) Rear Leg Side Hook Round

Forms to video:

Red Senior and Blackbelts:   Your Creative Form

Red Belts:  Palgwe 8 (your testing form)

Blackbelts: Bodan: Your testing form, 1st Dan: Pick one of your blackbelt forms

2nd Dan: Please do one 1st Dan form and both 2nd Dan forms.

Kicks to perform: 
1) Rear Leg In to Out Kick
2) Rear Leg Out to In Kick
3) Rear Leg Side Kick

Combos to Perform: 
1) Snap Kick MKC
2) Round Kick MKC
3) Axe Kick MKC

Forms to Perform
1) Dae Ryun Hyung w/ Snap Kicks
2) Palgwe 1 and Palgwe 2
3) Rear Leg Side Kick

Perform the following
1) 10 Corner Blocking
2) 4 Out MMA Combo

Kicks to perform: 
1) Rear Leg Side Kick
2) Spin Hook Kick
3) Spinning In to Out Kick

Combos to Perform: 
1) Side Kick MKC
2) Advanced Combo 1 
3) Advanced Combo 2 

Forms to Perform
1) Dae Ryun Hyung w/ Round Kicks
2) Palgwe 3 & Palgwe 4

Perform the following
1) All Footwork
2) 15 Count Muay Thai Combo

Kicks to perform: 
1) 360 Round Kick
2) 360 Spin Hook Kick
3) Tornado Kick

Combos to Perform: 
1) Advanced Combo 3
2) Advanced Combo 4
3) Advanced Combo 5

Forms to Perform
1) Dae Ryun Hyung w/ Side Kicks
2) Palgwe 5 & Palgwe 6

Perform the following
1) Jumping Snap Kick
2) Jumping Round Kick

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Focus on the area’s you need to work on. Go back and review your previous videos.  Good Luck.


Breakdown of kicks

Under belt Forms

Dae Ryun Hyung

Palgwe 1

Palgwe 2

Palgwe 3

Palgwe 4

Palgwe 5

Palgwe 6

Palgwe 7

Palgwe 8


MMa & boxing Combinations

MMA 8 Count

MMA 4 Out

MMA 15 Count

15 Count 3 Stage Drill

15 Count Pointers

Advanced Belt Kicking combinations

Adv Combo 1

Adv Combo 2

Adv Combo 3

Adv Combo 4

Adv Combo 5

MKC: Master Kicking Combos

The below combos only have to be memorized if you were required to in class. They are listed because Red Belts and Red Senior Belts should know how to perform each kick. We may have you perform the combination as we read it. You are only responsible to memorize these combo’s if you were taught in the past 6 months. For now all you have to is perform the kicks in the order we call them out.

MKC Snap Kicks

MKC Round Kicks

MKC Side Kicks

MKC Hook Kicks

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